Can you believe that Pun's Ice Cream was borne from a little mischief? Founder, San, was 6 years old then. He pretended to be sick just so he could stay at home and not attend school. His mom saw right through him but let him stay home anyway. They baked a batch of cookies and it ignited a spark in San. He took on baking as a hobby and knew right there and then that he wanted to make a career out of it.

San started on his culinary dreams with The Gathering KL, a private catering company , and was waiting on the right opportunity to start his dream project, Pun's Ice Cream. 

Why Pun's you may ask? When San worked abroad, he was notoriously known for his puns, which he used as a tool to reduce tension in stressful work situations. Whilst most people reacted with a slap on their foreheads, San saw this as a tool to brand his dream project. He wanted Pun's Ice Cream to be as carefree and lively, which are the two elements you feel when consuming the products.


Further to the creation of Pun's Ice Cream, San wanted to build a place where customers could hang out, make friends, feel at home and enjoy his creations. That's when The Puntry came to life at the beginning of 2019. More than just ice cream, The Puntry now serves up savoury meals to complement Pun's Ice Cream flavours.


San aspires to grow Pun's Ice Cream and Puntry to the point wherein it can support and create opportunities for his team. To get to that stage, San aspires to open more Puntry's and eventually supply to grocery stores and spread Puns love abroad!  

- Euwie, Elaine & Team